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Taste and Health

Is Gano Cafe Classic coffee as good as they say? Do you know what the fuss over Gano Cafe Classic is all about? We are sure you’ll want to form your own opinion about Gano Cafe Classic coffee, so let’s give you some facts about Ganocafe Classic to get you started.

First off, Gano Cafe Classic is made from quality instant coffee. It is made strong and black, just the way serious coffee drinkers like it. 

Secondly, what separates Gano Cafe Classic coffee from other types of coffee is that it is a special mix of coffee enriched with the extract of ganoderma lucidum, also known as the red reishi.

The Superior Ingredient in Gano Cafe Classic Coffee

That’s the secret ingredient in Gano Cafe Classic, a herb so potent in healing properties that it was acknowledged by the ancient Chinese to be the most superior out of 365 healing plants. 

When you drink Gano Cafe Classic, you are:
ü  Boosting your immune system
ü  Supporting your liver functions
ü  Infleuncing cholesterol and blood pressure
ü  Detoxifying and balancing the body
ü  Ridding your cells of harmful anti-oxidants.

That’s only the short list of the healing benefits of Gano Cafe Classic coffee. Published research in medical journals also show that there are more than 200 trace elements in ganoderma or red reishi which  reduce inflammation, fight development of tumors, delays aging and helps you live longer.

Lest you think that all these medical benefits in Gano Cafe Classic coffee have overwhelmed the aroma and taste of good coffee, let’s assure that’s not the case at all.

Best of All Worlds

With Gano Cafe Classic coffee, you are getting the best of high quality coffee, organically grown ganoderma and a great tasting coffee free of additives, preservatives and coloring.

Conveniently prepackaged in single servings, all you need to enjoy your cup of Gano Cafe Classic coffee is pour hot water and stir. If you are concerned about the caffeine-induced buzz of regularly commercial coffee, be assured that Gano Caf Classic is low in caffeine but rich in benefits.

The energy that you derive from Gano Cafe Classic is enduring and sustaining. With Gano Cafe Classic you avoid the stress of caffeine, but instead benefit from better mental concentration, clarity and focus.

The Proof is in the Pudding

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Thus, we encourage you to try a cup of Gano Cafe Classic to arrive at your own conclusion as to why it is healthier than any other brand of coffee.

We won’t be surprised if after the first cup of Gano Cafe classic, you will be reaching for more. Go ahead. After all, with each sip, you are adding valuable nutrients to your body. 

In just a few weeks, you will have a spring in your step and be feeling your best. You will have discovered why Gano Cafe Classic is the most widely acclaimed healthy coffee available on the market today.

Ganocafe Classic 

Serving Size Per Packet: 3 grams/0.106oz
Packets Per Box: 30
Ingredients: Coffee, Ganoderma Lucidum Extract

Nutritional Facts:

Calories:10.89; Total carbohydrates: 2.40g; Caffeine: 13.8mg; Sugar: 0g; Total Fat: 0.09g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium (Na): 0,07mg; Calcium (Ca): 5.43mg; Iron (Fe): 0.13mg; Potassium (K): 8.4mg, Protein: 491mg; Vitamin C: 2.18mg; Viatmin B3: 0.98mg

Berminat untuk mencuba Ganocafe Classic ? 
Smskan <Ganocafe Classic> dan hantar ke 016 990 1905.
Price : RM24 sekotak (Semenanjung Malaysia)
           RM25 sekotak (Sabah & Sarawak)
Tidak Termasuk Kos Penghantaran
1 kotak = 30 sachets

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