Alat Senaman Walkabike

McCare - Walkabike

Functional Features:-
  • 4 Adjustable speeds for different needs.
  • Multiple functions setting for time, distance exercise, calories utilization etc.
  • Large LCD display screen.
  • Multiple adjustable functions, cycling excercise in both sitting and lying position, and for arm movement exercise.

Special Features:-
  • Mini size exercise bike for leg & arm.
  • Aero-dynamic design.
  • Easy for carry to exercise anyway, any place.
  • Convenience to keep in storage when not in use.
Benefits of Passive Motion Exercise:-
  • Exercising your synovial joints without pulling your muscles or tendons.
  • Reduce the pressure on ankle and knee more effectively.
  • Protecting your crura more effectively.
  • Ideal for the elderly to exercise the legs.
  • Enhance metabolic activity and joint nutrition
  • Accelerate healing of articular cartilage and periarticular structures, such as tendons and ligaments

Berminat untuk memiliki alat senaman walkabike ? 
Smskan <Walkabike> dan hantar ke 016 990 1905.


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