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Begin with Questions That Are Easy to Answer

When your primary aim in a conversation is to draw out information start by asking easy questions. Questions that are easy to answer relax the other person. People enjoy giving answers they know are right, and with easy questions you give the other person a chance to give right answers effortlessly. He begins by feeling this is going to be easy.

If you are a stranger to him he may start the converstion warily, feeling his way, wondering what you are like and what you want of him. He is on guard. He starts with whatever resistance and distrust is characteristic of him when talking to someone he doesn't know.

He wonders, Will you be difficult or easy to talk to? The first things you say to him create an impression that answers this question for him. If you make it difficult for him he becomes evasive and withdraws. This in turn may cause you to press harder which continues a vicious cycle by driving him away still further.

If on the other hand you start with an easy question, his tension begins to dissolve. You are not so difficult to deal with, after all. He answers the question with confidence. You ask him another easy question. He relaxes still more and his answers flow out more easily. He is getting used to talking to you. He is already engaged in conversation.

For example, a lawyer interviewing a witness should start off by asking such simple questions as what time of day the incident happened and where the witness was located at the moment rather than immediately asking the witness to describe the event.

Similarly, a manager interviewing an applicant for a job ought to begin with such simple questions as : Where do you live? and. Are you married? Then the interviewer can launch into searching questions as : Would you tell me something about your past experience? or, Why do you want to work for this company?

A real estate agent, confronted with a prospective purchaser of a house, can start the conversation rolling by asking about such easy things as the kind of house the prospect lives in now, and the time it takes him to get to work, rather than leading off with a question about the kind of house the prospect is looking for.

First, you have to warm the conversation a bit so that when the other person dips in to feel the temperature, he is encouraged to plunge.

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